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Welcome to S.K.A. Solution, your trusted partner in digital transformation, branding, logistics, and engineering excellence. We are dedicated to empowering businesses in Suriname and beyond by providing innovative solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and global competitiveness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to digitize and digitally support all levels of businesses by 2035, ensuring they can thrive in the digital era.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an abundance of business through facilitating business connections, helping companies expand their reach and build strong networks.


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Operational Excellence

Optimize workflows and enhance productivity across your business.

Digital Transformation

Drive innovation and efficiency with tailored IT solutions.

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Unlock new potential with expert consultation and support.

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Our dedicated experts are here to drive your business success and growth

ir. preshant awadhpersad ska block chain solution

Chief Executive Officer

ir. kay eiloof ska block chain solution

Operations Manager

drs. jaleycha bikhari

Digital Marketing Manager

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